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Every three to four months, I teach a course on writing a first draft of a fiction novel. The workshop can be helpful and encouraging for writers of any genre at any stage in their career. The course is two months long, the first month is for writing and the second is for revision

If you're prone to procrastination (I often am!) and just can't seem to channel your creative muse, or lack the motivation to finish your book, or even if you're suffering from a case of writer's block, this workshop will unlock your potential and give you the tools to successfully finish a fiction novel.

And I will teach you the secrets on how to motivate and inspire your creative muse so you can write faster! This workshop is only two to three hours daily (any five days a week), an easy commitment that will transform the way you write, whether you’re a freestyle pantser or hardcore plotter. 

The online course offers fiction writers encouraging tips twice weekly, and writers can work around their own schedules.  

This is about setting writing goals and obtaining them through accountability.

The Fiction Writing Tools (FWT) workshop includes the following:

  • Plot templates
  • Worksheets on "theme" and "fatal flaws"
  • Storyline worksheets
  • Character Profile worksheets
  • Scene Checklist
  • Inspirational writing tips 
  • Revision Tools and Tips
  • Dialogue Advice and Agenda Checks
  • First Chapter "hooks" 
  • Bonus: First Five pages Developmental Edit (only the first 10 writers to sign up will get this extra bonus)

Any writers joining the workshop will have to be available at least 5 days a week (Monday through Friday or Saturday) to participate so we can form a strong accountability teamBlock out at least two to three hours a day for writing and outlining.

The first phase we will cover how to do a basic outline with the worksheets, and then write a first draft of the story. Second phase, we will go over how to revise quickly and easily with a scene checklist and how to enhance the "narrative voice" and deepen the POV.

*FWT Workshop is $55.00*
Sign up now and pay only $39.99

If you have any further questions, please email me:
Contact S. A. Soule

Once you make the payment sign up, you will get an email with instructions and an invite to join the group.

Gain the tools to write a better first draft and head down the path to success!

Sign up today! 

Non-USA Citizens, please pay: $39.99 US Dollars: www.paypal.me/SherrySoule/40