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Writing back jacket copy (also called a blurb or marketing copy or product description) can give most writers a major headache. To write compelling blurbs, fiction writers need strong keywords, a great opening, along with a kickbutt last sentence "hook," and be able to instantly grab a readers attention within seconds. Not easy.

Besides having a professional-looking book cover and a catchy title for your novel, you need... 


Consider how readers look for books. They browse through lists of novels, looking at the cover art and titles, and then the price and often the star rating. Then if those things have grabbed their interest, they scroll down the page and read the description. 

This is THE MOST CRITICAL point in the process for a potential reader. This is when they need to become intrigued or hooked into deciding that they must read this story. Otherwise, they click the back button and start looking for something else to read. And you’ve lost a sale, and possibly a long-time reader, forever. So it’s crucial to have an appealing blurb for your book—one that’s compelling enough to entice a reader into buying your work

Let me stress—great blurbs sell books!  

Blurbs are one of the most important selling tools a fiction writer has for their work, because an author wants it to grab the reader's attention. 

Superb back jacket copy never explains every characters background, every plot twist, or pinch-point of your story. Professional copywriters like myself know that effective promotional copy harmonizes with a storyline and doesn’t exaggerate or minimize what readers will find inside.

Writing a novel is an artistic talent, but if you plan to self-publish, then it becomes the business of selling that art. When you are marketing your book, you need a strong blurb with active advertising. Study other blurbs in your genre and get a feel for creating marketing copy.

It is a good idea to use a trope or cliche in your book description. In all of the marketing courses that I've taken and the advice I've gotten from bestselling authors (especially in the romance genres) tropes and clichés are acceptable in blurbs. Readers are used to tropes because they are familiar and they are like the touchstones that readers can easily relate with. Tropes are universal identifiers when it comes to stories, so almost every blurb I write has one.  

(Fiction Writers can get a free book blurb breakdown method HERE to copy and paste.)

Need additional help writing your back jacket copy?

The blurb is a writer's PITCH to the reader... 

As a Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule has helped many fiction writers revise their blurbs into engaging marketing copy that attracted readers and increased book sales. She can create an engaging blurb for any genre. While she's not an expert at writing book description, she does put her heart into every blurb that she helps write with her fellow indie authors in the hopes that they find some success.  

Her approach to blurb writing is a creative joint collaboration with the author. She uses a “blurb breakdown” method that helps to create a cohesive and compelling pitch that will attract readers or gain the attention of a literary agent/publisher.

Just send S. A. Soule (the blurb ninja!) your back jacket copy and she will work on it with you to create a gripping "hook” that will compel readers to either buy your work, or crave more info on it. This service also includes creating a gripping tagline, and two revisions until you are satisfied with the result.

Still stuck? Read, "Gotta Read It!: Five Simple Steps to a Fiction Pitch that Sells" on writing book descriptions / book blurbs for more great tips. Or read this step-by-step guide on writing a great blurb, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO BOOK BLURBS and QUERY LETTERS

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