About S. A. Soule

I call myself a “Creativity Coach” because my approach to critiquing a manuscript through a developmental edit is to nurture writers and help them find their full potential as authors. My passion is to encourage fiction writers to express themselves better through the written word. Working with an experienced writer will give a manuscript the creative edge it needs to succeed in the publishing industry. 

My edits are loaded with tips, suggestions, and techniques for how to enhance your plot and amplify your “voice.” How to polish and streamline the prose. How to strengthen every scene to keep readers flipping the pages.

I’ve been writing most of my life, and even though I’ve studied the craft for years, I still love developing my skills as a writer, and I’m assuming since you’re browsing this site and seeking an editor that you do, too.

First, I thought I’d share a little about myself…

I have over fifteen years of experience on all sides of the publishing business. I was a Creative Writing major, and I previously owned an eBook publishing company where I edited over a hundred manuscripts. Then I worked as a developmental/acquisitions editor for another publisher, and in the last nine years, I’ve even had the honor of critiquing books for a number of successful authors. I specialize in both young adult and adult novelizations.

Recently, I have become a graphic artist and started designing custom books covers and premade book cover designs for self-published writers and indie authors on a budget at SwoonWorthy Book Covers. So I consider myself a long-time industry veteran. Also, I have been traditionally published, published by a small press, and now I am a proud indie author.

To date, I currently have eleven fiction novels published and nine nonfiction titles in the bestselling Fiction Writing Tools series, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I became a bestselling author, and the road to success was a long journey. Many of my books have spent time on the 100 Kindle bestseller lists and some of my fiction has been chosen as top picks at several prominent review sites.

In my developmental edits, I provide simple, practical step-by-step instructions in Word's comment feature on ways to create realistic emotions, visceral responses, and body language, along with ways to deepen characterization and fix plot holes that writers can easily and quickly apply to their own writing. (I edit every fiction genre and nonfiction, except erotica.)

My goal is always for writers to come away with stronger writing and self-editing abilities that they can utilize in their stories and give their audience a much more personal reading experience.
It is such an honor to guide writers on their creative journey.

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(I do not do any copy-editing or proofreading. However, I can recommend a good copyeditor if you need one.)

(All of my services are highly confidential.

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