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"I was lucky enough to work with Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule on my novel, and she was spectacular. I initially hired her for content-editing, but she quickly pointed out that I needed help across the board. I didn't have the budget for it, but she did it anyway honoring our original agreement, thus allowing me to drastically improve my novel without going broke. 

The best part is that she works quickly and is highly knowledgeable. I don't have the patience for inefficiency and she turned around every version and every update extremely fast. My experience was exceptional." - Lucas R. Wright, Author of The Legend of Waterhole Branch

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"When my manuscript, Deceptions, was ready for developmental editing, I just happened to see an advertisement for Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule’s services. I opted for one full-time developmental edit. I’m so glad I did because she’s in-depth assessment of my manuscript not only improved the story, but her insight’s were spot on. She highlighted areas that I needed to go deeper with my writing, creating a more compelling story. 

When she promises to take your writing to the next level, she’s not kidding. She also suggested books, blogs, and other tools to read to improve the craft of writing. I found this very helpful in her willingness to go beyond just an edit. When my third installment, Vanished, is completed, I will definitely be hiring Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule again." - Kimberly Readnour, Author of DECEPTIONS

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"The creative editing services I received from S. A. Soule for my recent manuscript has brought me to a new level of writing. Sherry was clear, comprehensive, and generous with her knowledge, experience, and her time.
She encouraged me to ask questions and continues to work with me on my opening scene. The Fiction Writing Tools are an invaluable resource for any writer. Sherry is kind, personable, and compassionate in her feedback."
-author Gail Ingis (Historical Romance fiction)